SPOT opening night: Figurines, two Canadian bands, and three European crossover concerts will open the festival area

Figurines – at the SPOT opening upon a North
American concert/review success.

The critically acclaimed Figurines will open the SPOT Festival area on the opening night Thursday 1 June 2006 together with the Canadians Elliot Brood and Holy Fuck, and the European crossover project Un-Pop Classik. The Danish and Canadian musical acts take over the spotlight outside in the festival area when the 12th SPOT Festival has been kicked off by the new band Lis Er Stille in Musikhuset Aarhus. (see link below)

SPOT is known as a meeting point where exchange of experience, music, and business cards are core elements, and this year we are boosting the exchange part by using the Thursday to present several special features, says Gunnar Madsen, managing director of SPOT and ROSA. The Danish music campaign this spring at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, where Kira & The Kindred Spirits, The Blue Van, Tina Dickow, Pernille Gunvad, and Figurines made a number of showcase performances is the principle reason for the concerts featuring Elliot Brood and Holy Fuck:

– We wanted to invite a couple of new Canadian bands to perform at SPOT as a follow-up on the MXD campaign at Canadian Music Week, and aside from our wishing the Canadian bands the best of luck in Europe, we are trying to strengthen our international network and collaboration, says
Gunnar Madsen.

Two Canadian bands


Canadian Elliot Brood will perform their death
country – an odd mixture of folk, grating
bluegrass, and gloomy roots.

Elliot Brood stands for an odd mixture of folk, grating bluegrass, and gloomy roots – they have dubbed their style death country:  Gloomy ballads about folk legends, love, and murder – sung with whisky-soaked vocals, and played on banjo, lap steel, and antique organs.
The other Canadian act Holy Fuck plays electronica – without the use of laptops – with a jumble of toy keyboards, effects pedals, pulsating bass and drums. The band improvises, which makes their live performance an unpredictable, lively, and very intense experience.
In spring, MXD joined Danish Figurines at Canadian Music Week – who went on a successful tour in the US afterwards: The words of praise practically rained down on the band. Even the heavyweight critics predict the band to have a big future. The bands two albums have been released in Europe – and the latest one ‘Skeleton’ is also out in North America.

Spanish Sunday Drivers, headed by the charismatic lead singer Jero Romero, gives Un-Pop Classik
concert accompanied by Ensemble Midtvest.

The opening night also presents three European crossover concerts called Un-Pop Classik: Spanish Sunday Drivers, Belgian Venus, and Faroese Teitur will give performances accompanied by the Danish classical ensemble, Ensemble Midtvest, who has with the rock world before – e.g. at Dicte’s TRAX concert last autumn.

Spanish Sunday Drivers who, with time, have become festival veterans in 60s and 70’s inspired rock, headed by the charismatic lead singer Jero Romero’s deep and powerful vocals, while Belgian Venus is known for a theatrical rock performance, soft melodies, musical intensity, and an introvert text universe. Last but not least, Teitur who has played at SPOT before – just like he has presented his emotion-laden and lightly melancholic compositions across the globe in his usual charming and modest manner.

Un-Pop Classik – crossover concerts at festivals
in four countries

The three names – and the French Dionysos who have cancelled their SPOT act – will give perform at each other’s respective festivals during this summer and with changing classical accompaniment: They will perform at Benicàssim in Spain, Nuits Botanique in Belgium, Eurockéennes in France, and hence, the SPOT Festival. The Un-Pop Classik project was initiated by the Spanish festival and is supported by the EU.

It is a new feature that the Festival area opens on the Thursday.
– We want to ensure that as many people as possible has an opportunity to get a whiff of what the SPOT Festival is all about, says Gunnar Madsen.
2-day festival tickets and wristbands give admission to the festival area on the opening night, while others will have to pay admission. Tickets for the price of 20,- will be sold as long as the stage capacity allows it.

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