Steen Jørgensen

Steen was born in 1957 and was a jazz and world-music percussionist, before his active career, after taking over the Manager position for ‘Huset’ in Birkerød – Zealand, was replaced by an administrative one.

Two years later, Steen stood at the forefront when Bornholm’s Concert Hall was inaugurated, and was later chosen to be on of Denmark’s first Regional Venues. Since 1998, he has been Manager of the Culture Centre ‘Gjethuset’ in Frederiksværk.

Steen was a member of’s Board for four years, via which he came to sit on ROSA’s Board in 1997, where, since 1999, he had been Vice-Chairman. Steen is also Manager for The Venue Foundation, so he is probably far too busy with matters of culture, to complete his years of studying geography/political science with a Masters Degree.

His hobbies include hand-gliding and creating HOT chilli sauce.