Strøm festival kicks back after a successful week

The people behind the Copenhagen based electronic music festival Strøm, have good reason to kick back after an intense week with electronic music.

The festival that ran from the 11-16 of August was very well attended, and has featured music from countries like Greece, Ivory Coast, England and Columbia, which has attributed to the international profile of the festival. The festivals main goal has been to promote electronic music and especially the growing Danish electronic scene.

Thus Strøm has used Copenhagen as it’s backdrop, and created a unique festival with venues plotted over almost the whole cities urban landscape under the slogan “Bringing the beat back to Copenhagen”. One of the main events was the opening of the festival, where three Danish electronic composers all created compositions, that were played and performed in a metro train, while travelling through Copenhagen.

By strengthening the international profile, Strøm Festival is hoping that   they can for Copenhagen become, what Sonar is for Barcelona or what Øya is for Oslo. There is a lot of visions for Strøm festival in the future, and the even Copenhagens Mayor of Cultural affairs Pia Allerslev, has nothing but positive appreciation for the festival.

The festivals focus is on quality and diversity, and is sure to show great potential in the future, though the task of promoting and making the music more accessible, is an ongoing process; since the audience is just as ever-changing as the music itself.

Strøm festival has been going for three years and was started in collaboration with ROSA, Amager Bio, Vega and Wonderful Copenhagen.