Foto: Allan Henriksen.

Teitur publishes compilation album in the UK

Foto: Allan Henriksen.Teitur has released three records in English during his career, but it is only the most recent record “The Singer”, which has been released in the UK.

Now the British audience will have the opportunity to hear songs from his two previous albums “Poetry & Aeroplanes” and “Stay Under The Stars”, plus recordings from his newest album “The Singer”, since Teitur has released the compilation album “All My Mistakes”in the UK.

The compilation has been positively received by The Independents reviewer Andy Gill, who gives the album four out of five stars and writes:

”There’s more than enough evidence here to bear out Teitur’s assertion, in the title-track, that “all my mistakes have become masterpieces”.

In connection to the release The Guardian conducted a large interview with Teitur, touching subjects on is youth and upbringing in Tórshavn and on his music.

You can read the whole interview here.