The Broken Beats and Karina Kappel at the Midem Festival

SPOT on '1 - paris. nov.06

The Broken Beats firing away – This
Tuesday they are playing at Hotel Martinez.

The Broken Beats and Karina Kappel are the Danish acts at this year’s Midem Festival, which runs from 21st to 25th January.

While The Broken Beats have been handpicked by the French organizers to perform as part of the Tuesday “Buzz bands” line up of talented new bands at the fashionable Hotel Martinez (please follow this link), the soul/ jazz singer Karina Kappel is to perform at the Danish stand on Sunday and Monday.

That the Midem Festival is first and foremost a festival for the international music industry is easily felt in the huge trade area, where Denmark is represented for the twentieth year in a row with a joint Danish stand.

For the second year in arrow, the number of Danes has increased with no less than 100 representatives of 63 Danish record labels, publishers, managements, festivals, organisations, etc. from the Danish music industry have announced their presence at this year’s festival.

Behind the joint Danish Stand is The Danish Arts Agency.The Midem Festival booker was not the only Frenchman who was thrilled about The Broken Beats’ last performance in Paris when the band played at The MXD / Music Export Norway “SPOT on # 1” on the 14th of November (the line up for this event was decided by French media and industry people who had compiled a list of the bands from the 2006 SPOT Festival that they would like to see live in France, ed.).

Thus, Basile Farkas, editor of the influential Rock ‘n’ Folk magazine, also had plenty of praise for the band: “Their stage presence was great both in terms of energy and intimacy. They have great tunes, and their front man (Kim Munk – ed.) really connected with his audience, and their chorus work, not least, was really impressive. It really pleases me when everyone – including the drummer – joins in on the chorus. There is little doubt that most people had come to hear Serena-Maneesh at the ‘SPOT on #1’, but the sensation of the night was The Broken Beats”, says Basile Farkas, who has gotten hold of The Broken Beats’ latest album since then., but who tends to prefer them as a live band:

“I think they stand a decent chance of making a name for themselves in France. Not as a band selling millions of records, but more as a cherished live band playing smaller venues”.

MXD (and thereby ROSA)  supports the performances by The Broken Beats as well as Karina Kappel, and is present at the stand during the festival.