The HWCH Festival – Dublin Lost their Hearts to Danish Bands

A Kid Hereafter are already planning a new Tour in the Irish Republic

The HWCH Festival is over and the Danish bands have returned to Denmark. The Festival in Dublin, which had a whole sub-branch called “The Scandinavian Invasion” because of the presence of no less than 15 Scandinavian bands (eight of which were included as a result of this year’s SPOT Festival) was a great experience for many of the bands, and there was a lot of focus on them from both TV and radio. We have talked with a couple of the bands.

Oh No Ono
Oh No Ono played their gig on Friday night at the Crawdaddy stage – a large and crowded venue. The concert was part of a one-month tour, which started on the 1st of September in the Netherlands and continued in France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Irish Republic and then ended in England.

“When we arrived in Dublin, we were knackered and afraid we were going to play a lousy gig. Everybody slept before the concert, and we only got up an hour before we were to go on stage. But the booking group had scheduled us to play as the very last band, and it turned out to be to our advantage because there weren’t any other gigs when we were playing ours”, says Oh No Ono bass player  Nis Svoldsgård.

He goes on, “It was as if we got new energy when we entered the stage – probably because of the great atmosphere in the crowd. And people’s response after the show was also really good, so it is probably the best concert we played on our long tour.”

A Kid Hereafter

El Ray on stage at The Lennon Lounge.

A Kid Hereafter were one the other Danish acts at the festival. The band had been hired for the festival right after the SPOT Festival this summer, where the bookers for the Hard Working Class Heroes Festival immediately fell in love with the band’s heavy/punk/ska indie pop. A Kid Hereafter didn’t just go to Dublin to play the gig, rather they arrived several days before the gig to network

“From the moment we arrived, the booking group made us feel really welcome. It turned out that all the Danish bands were going to stay at the same hotel, and that was really special. There was a great feeling of unity and team spirit among the bands. Everybody was on equal terms, and there was a marvellous sense of community”, says Frederik Thaae from A Kid Hereafter.

“We were to play in primetime on Saturday night at the Tripod stage, and the concert went really well. In particular, it was cool to play before an English-speaking audience, because they clearly understood the points of our lyrics, and it just made the atmosphere at the gig really unique.”

New Tour in the Offing
“It was the first time we actually played abroad, and it definitely won’t be our last tour outside Denmark. We were interviewed for a youth TV show and by Phantom Radio. The response from the music business over there was so great that we are already planning a new tour for the spring of 2008”, says Frederik Thaae.

In addition to Oh No Ono and A Kid Hereafter, Marybell Katastrophy, Murder, The Floor Is Made Of Lava, El Ray, and The Elephants played at the Hard Working Class Heroes Festival.