The Royal Highness – Three US Showcases await

The Royal Highness – Three US Showcases await

The Royal Highness – found an English
manager at SPOT 11.
(FOTO: Camilla Vejhe).

The Royal Highness reaped more than just the critics’ praise when playing at the SPOT 11 Festival – the hard-hitting trio also got themselves an English manager, who is working hard to make the band’s dream of American success come true, the first step being three showcases in late September for interested American companies.

When The Royal Highness were playing their gig at this year’s SPOT Festival, they were unaware of any international attention. But the next day, when reading the Danish papers, they learned that the British Manager Jonathan Morley had been quite ecstatic about the band. Today he is the band’s manager, and among his first achievements is securing The Royal Highness three showcases in America: the 20th September at The Mercury Lounge in New York, and the 22nd and the 26th in L.A. – at The Viper Room and Whiskey a Go-Go respectively.

“Having read the article after the SPOT gig, we were keen to get in touch with Jonathan Morley, because we were already on the lookout for a management. But before we got that far, he got in touch with us first, actually, and already on the Monday after the festival we met – just to see if the chemistry was right”, says bass player Thomas Broge-Stark.

“Then things speeded up. The next week, Morley went to the Copenhagen venue Loppen to see us again, and after that we met again on the 8th July in connection with a gig at The Rock, and here we agreed to work together. We know he has done an excellent job as Tina Dico’s manager, and then he is a genuinely likable guy”, the bass player says and then explains that the band and Morley have entered into agreements with lawyers in both the UK and the US in case record contract offers should crop up.

The Ambitions point towards the US

The Royal Highness – looking
forward to the three
showcases in the US.
(PHOTO: Sanne Vinter)

Right now The Royal Highness’s ambitions have definitely been turned towards the US – and the American college stations have already shown quite a bit of interest in the massive Danish rock sound. Soon it became clear that Morley is also capable of getting results outside the UK: Morley entered into collaboration with the event giant William Morris Agency, after which the three showcases for the American record companies mentioned above were soon a reality. Broge-Starck won’t reveal the names of the interested record companies, but says that we are talking “big firms”.

“We have received many enquiries from the US – and generally we feel they are very enthusiastic about us, but at the same time we know that we still have a long way ahead of us. We still have that ‘well, let’s see – not taking anything for granted’ attitude to it all.”

However, Jonathan Morley for his part is optimistic. “Well, it’s not that I’m only looking for Danish bands”, says Morley, who is also manager for Both Tina Dico and Hush. But when I by chance heard Dennis Kasten’s (the lead singer of The Royal highness – ed.) sound check at SPOT 11, I was virtually blown away, and then I had to find out what this band was about, and they were stunning. They have the potential to get really big in the US really fast”, says the Englishman.