Tina Dico, Skambankt and Hatesphere at SPOT 11

Tina Dico, Skambankt and Hatesphere at SPOT 11
Henrik Friis

Tina Dickow – ready for worldwide release
coinciding with SPOT 11

Having spent months in a London studio, Tina Dico is now adding the final touches to her first release on Sony. The Danish songwriter’s album is going to be released internationally mid-June, so it is quite a scoop that one can hear Tina Dico at this summer’s SPOT Festival, which takes place on the 10th and 11th of June.

Over the years, one of the primary ambitions of the SPOT Festival has been to put a spotlight on new acts and musical trends on the Danish and Nordic music scenes. This will also be the case on SPOT 11 as can be seen from the first bunch of acts playing on this year’s festival which we can now reveal:

Besides Dico, there is Norwegian Skambankt which in its own grotesquely distorted way reintroduces political rock, while the eternally experimental trio Cloroform is yet another proof that the Norwegian scene is always looking ahead. Thus, a couple of months ago Cloroform’s Kaada (performing as a solo artist at SPOT 10) released his duo collaboration with Mike Patton from legendary Faith No More.

The Swedes don’t pull their punches either: Dungen have an unmistakable retro approach to their music, which smacks of psychedelic rock, folk, and pop while The Tiny – moving in a totally different melancholic and intimate universe – features cello and double bass as virtually the only instruments to back up Ellekari Larsson’s dreamy vocals.

And finally, there are all the Danish bands: Hatesphere guarantees that the metal scene is strongly represented this year. The band – now with the international label SPV – will be going on tour in April and May as support for Morbid Angel visiting Holland, The Czech Republic, France, Luxembourg, The UK, Italy, Germany, Poland, Sweden, and Norway.

Barra Head is also on the poster with several European tours in the bag. Among other achievements, the band has won the audience award as “best live act” at the venue Vera in Groningen, The Netherlands two years in a row. And then we can reveal that Stuen th., The Royal Highness, Delicia Mini, Rasmus Nøhr, and Djosos Krost – featuring Bikstok Røgsystem’s DJ Pharfar – will be among the Danish acts on SPOT 11.

A total of 90 bands are expected to play at this year’s festival, which will primarily take place in and around The Concert Hall Aarhus, Ridehuset, and VoxHall. Over the next months, new acts will be announced regularly as will be the case with the festival’s panel and lecture programme with players from both the Danish and the international music industry.