Tone ready for Europe

Tone – aka Sofie Nielsen – has since her release of “Small Arm of Sea” in 2008, has had good winds blowing her way.  Germany, Holland and Austria are next in row, to hear about the talented producer, when here album his released in the respective countries the 16th of October.
It is the Berlin based PonyRec, that is behind the release with help from the large distribution company Indigo.

The Dutch music magazine OOR has reviewed the album – and doesn’t go easy on the superlatives they call the album ” a true discovery” and mention names such as Coco Rosie and Portishead, while they compare her vocal to that of Billie Holiday.

Tone’s video for the number “I Am Long” is also in rotation in Holland on the music channel 3VOOR12

On the 19th October, Tone is starting her two week tour of Germany, and is scheduled to play 12 concerts, she has the VJ Kristian Ravn-Ellested with her during the tour.