Top magazines: The Raveonettes are the hope for the future

Top magazines: The Raveonettes are the hope for the future

The world’s two largest leading international music magazines both have seated The Raveonettes first, when it comes to appointing the hope for rock music in the future. Despite this, the band will not be giving a concert after all, at the Eurosonic Festival in Holland this Friday.

The Raveonettes can hardly become any more successful, than they are at the moment.
Both British Q Magazine and American Rolling Stone Magazine have placed Sune Wagner and Sharin Foo at the very top of the list of their 10 suggestions on the hope for the future of rock.

Q Magazine describes them as mysterious and concept-like, with an unhealthy inclination to B-movies of the fifties – and compares them to The Velvet Underground and The Jesus and Mary Chain – with Debbie Harry on vocal. In December, Q Magazine made The Raveonettes’ ”Attack of the Ghost Rider” video of the week.

Rolling Stone calls The Raveonettes ”An extremely self-confident Danish duo that makes serrated garage-rock candy combining the classic twang of rockabilly with blasts of fuzz-pedal fury”.

A better backup is hard to find for a band, that is bound to explode on a world wide scale this spring, with concerts and PR-campaigns on all strategic markets. Climax will be reached with the release of a full-length album this May.