Un-Pop Classik – good first performance in Belgium

Farose Teitur is the Danish feature in Un-Pop Classik,
which is one of three acts at the SPOT opening
Thursday 1 June.

Teitur (FO), Venus (BE), and The Sunday Drivers (ES) and the classical orchestra Ensemble MidtVest constitute the line-up in Ridehuset when the Danish premiere of Un-Pop Classik take part in opening the SPOT Festival on 1 June. The ensemble will accompany the Faroese singer/songwriter, the theatrical Belgian rock band, the Spanish 60’s and 70’s inspired rock quintet by turn during the three-part concert. The European crossover project has already passed its first test.

– It went really well, and both the audience and the press gave the four Un-Pop Classik concerts a warm welcome at our festival, says Paul-Henri Wauters from the Belgian concert organizer Botanique, which is behind the festival Les Nuits Botanique in Brussels. A statement that is supported by a fan on Teitur’s MySpace site:
– I truly enjoyed the songs and the interplay with the orchestra, the humour, and the atmosphere…Thanks a lot!, writes V7nce on the website.

The Belgian Festival featured the world premiere of Un-Pop Classik with two double concerts on 2. and 5. of May: The French band Dionysos, which has cancelled the SPOT gig, and Venus had the first performance with the classical Belgian orchestra Mons Orchestra and three days later Teitur and The Sunday Drivers played concerts with the orchestra after an intense round of rehearsals.


Ensemble MidtVest – the classical ensemble will
accompany the three European artists/bands Teitur (FO)
Venus (BE) and The Sunday Drivers (ES) at the
concerts in Denmark.

Un-Pop Classik is an EU supported music exchange project, the purpose of which is to bring about  better understanding of cultural differences and similarities within the union. This is implemented by encouraging nationally famous artists to playing concerts in other EU countries – in this case at four significant European music festivals: Les Nuits Botaniques (BE), the domestic SPOT Festival, Les Eurockéennes de Belfort (FR) and The International Festival of Benicássim (ES). One act from each country participates at the respective festivals with own material, but in newly arranged versions performed with classical accompaniment from the country where the festival is held.
Maraworld (ES) that organizes the Spanish festival has taken the initiative for Un-Pop Classik in collaboration with the organisations behind the three other events: Botanique (BE), ROSA, and Territoires de Musique (FR).

On Thursday 1 June, the SPOT audience will get to experience the unique interplay – Ensemble MidtVest has a long day of rehearsals before the concert in Ridehuset with Teitur, Venus, and The Sunday Driver – after which the tour will move on to France and Spain in July.

Before that there will be another chance to see Un-Pop Classik in Denmark: The day after the SPOT opening, the whole line-up will perform at the Team Theatre in Herning, the home town of Ensemble MidtVest.


Un-Pop Classik in Denmark
01.06.2006 at 8 pm in Ridehuset: SPOT Festival, opening night
Teitur (FO) + Ensemble Midtvest, Venus (BE) + Ensemble MidtVest, The Sunday Driver (ES) + Ensemble Midtvest
02.06.2006 at 8 pm Team Theatre, Herning.

Un-Pop Classik in Belgium, France, and Spain:
Belgium – Les Nuits Botanique – has already been held
02.05.2006: Dionysos (FR) + Mons Orchestra (BE), Venus (BE) + Mons Orchestra (BE)
05.05.2006: Teitur (FO) + Mons Orchestra (BE), The Sunday Driver (ES) + Mons Orchestra (BE).

France – Eurockéennes: 30 June-2 July 2006
Dionysos (FR), Venus (BE), Teitur (FO), The Sunday Drivers (ES). Accompaniment by Synfonitetta

Spain – Benicássim: 20. – 24. July 2006
Dionysos (FR), Venus (BE), The Sunday Drivers (ES). Accompaniment by Amalgama de Castellón