Under Byen go south of the border

Under Byen go south of the border

The Skand-All project: David Fricke’s darlings in concert in Hamburg, Berlin and Dresden.

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Thursday, Under Byen will start a long weekend in Germany, and apart from a single trip in the past to Prague, this will be their first real venture abroad.

The mini-tour is part of a Skand-All initiative made by ROSA – The Danish Rock Council, that since the autumn 2002 has been sending Danish bands abroad in order to create a base for exporting Danish music to the vast market in the south.

With the unique and special style of Under Byen, this band is located at venues that are more ”listen-carefully-ish” than the rock clubs Skand-All has worked with so far.

Two of the three concerts – held at Logo in Hamburg, Thursday 20th March, and the day after at Imlicht, the house of culture in Berlin, hold up to 2-300 seats, while the concert Saturday is located at the Star Club in Dresden has a higher capacity, and at this occasion Under Byen will warm up for their genre fellows, the Swedish band Logh.

At all of these venues, the audience will be given the posibility to concentrate – in advantage over the traditional venues, and this should supply Under Byen with the best of conditions, says Kristian Riis, project manager of ROSA’s Skand-All project.
Riis has also arranged an instore-concert for the band at the record shop ”Rekord” in Hamburg.

The fact that the lyrics of Under Byen are in Danish is no obstacle – on the contrary, the feel of the band is considered to be universal. The band can lean against the American rock legend David Fricke who has stated, that Under Byen is one of the most exciting bands he has heard for years. The German organizers also have shown much interest in the band and their tour – along with the German medias, record companies and booking agencies.

The mini-tour of Under Byen will be followed by the Danish regional TV-station ”TV 2 Østjylland” in order to make a documentary at a later date.

The Skand-All project will present two additional Danish bands to the German audience this spring – one of which will be Powersolo – to play about Easter time. The name of the latter band, to play in June, will be published at a later date.

The City Council of Aarhus supports Under Byen’s mini-tour to Germany.