Under Byen the 2002-favourite of David Fricke

Under Byen the 2002-favourite of David Fricke
Henrik Friis


David Fricke fell in love during the SPOT 08 Festival in May 2002 – not only with The Raveonettes. The legendary writer at Rolling Stone Magazine stated, that the concert given by Under Byen was one of the most original he had witnessed for a long time.

Fricke was given a CD with Under Byen by ROSA, and the verdict is: “My favourite album this year”. He also characterizes the band from Aarhus as one of his favourites for the year 2002, in the category new bands.

These two distinctions David Fricke attaches to the band and their CD “Det er mig der holder træerne sammen” (“It’s Me Who Keeps The Threes Together” edit) in a review of ten CD favourites of 2002: “Ten of the Best, From Under the Radar”. And then he describes Under Byen as a most “remarkable eight-piece group from Arhus, Denmark – an eccentric armory of strings and keys (violin, cello, Wurlitzer organ, melodica), fronted by the haunted whoops and whispers of vocalist Henriette Sennenveldt”. Fricke continues after even more superlatives and references to trip-hop, Björk and Sigur Rós, with telling his many readers, that this CD will be hard to find for the American audience – but then again “real treasure never comes easy”.

In cooperation with Danmarks Radio P3 (Danish national radiostation), ROSA had invited David Fricke to the SPOT 08 Festival 2002, where he spoke highly of The Raveonettes after their concert. Fricke’s praise and a New York showcase later that summer, where among the things that led to a million Dolllar contract between Columbia in USA and Sharin Fo and Sune Wagner.
ROSA went along as a supporter at the New York showcase, and also when the duo attended the In The City convention in Manchester and the CMJ festival in New York.

Time will tell what will come of Fricke’s declaration of love for Under Byen. ROSA already pronounced their love and support in 1998 by financing the distribution and release of the band’s second single ”Veninde i vinden” (”Girlfriend in the wind” edit.) – the successor to their debut single ”Puma”, which was released by themselves.

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