Utah Selected to Play at Haldern Festival – Despite Ignorance as to Why and How

Utah – going to Haldern

Utah’s participation at next weekend’s Haldern Festival is a strange story:

Last Tuesday (25th July) the band got a phone call from Stefan Reichman from Haldern Festival, who told the band that Utah was one of four bands who had been singled out among 600 international bands competing in the festival’s Zippo Talent Awards earning them a gig at the highly respected festival North of Gelsenkirchen, which takes place in the first weekend of August.

The funny thing is that nobody in the band has a clue as to how the band was actually selected:

“No, we have absolutely no idea how we ended up in that contest or who actually nominated us”, says Utah singer Jesper Both while drummer Jesper Jakobsen comes up with a couple of possible explanations – “Maybe it’s because of a review of our EP (“Break the Mould”) on the German Idioglossia site… or perhaps it’s due to our gigs at the Syssevig Rocks Festival over the years. I guess that’s our best bets.”

However, in spite of the short notice, they are thrilled about the challenge, because Haldern has a great reputation and has featured Danish bands such as Under Byen and Kashmir in the past. The band is therefore busy polishing up their live act until their Haldern gig which is to take place on Friday the fourth of August around noon.

Utah’s debut album is expected to be released in Denmark in September through Playground. Who knows, perhaps the German labels will soon prick their ears too.