Well-acclaimed Under Byen at SPOT

Under Byen – back at SPOT – as a chart band

Under Byen has reaped a great deal of acclaim lately, brought on not just by their latest album ‘Samme Stof Som Stof’, but also by their ongoing tour where Gaffa gave them a flattering six stars after their concert in Århus.

Indeed, a lot has been in store for Under Byen ever since the band visited the SPOT Festival in 2002-2003 and pulled Rolling Stone Magazine’s into the fan base.

Their international career has gotten a solid boost, e.g. in Germany, the Netherlands, and France, but the same goes for their success in Denmark where the band’s special atmospheres have caught on, and Under Byen has now tried being on the charts.

It amounted to a number 12 spot on the Top 40 album chart in connection with the release of the CD. And the band’s live performance is said to have become even more intriguing, not least because of a new visual show, which they recently took for a spin around Denmark, before taking it on tour abroad. And before SPOT once again presents the band on Danish soil.

Laleh – Swedish multi-artist at SPOT

The 23 year old Swedish-Iranian multi-artist Laleh is a fresh feature at SPOT. After taking on the theatre, painting, and writing, she devoted herself to pop songs in both English, Swedish, and Persian – which among other things resulted in the radio hit ‘Live Forever’.

Furthermore, like last year there will be a line of concerts in Train during the two festival days on June 2-3:

Once again, The Royal Highness will enter the SPOT stage wearing work shirts, roaring, and with lurching power chords, hoping to gain even more foreign contacts. And Dúné will also play at Train, proving that their home town Skive does indeed master the sparkling indie electro rock in the crossfield between the gloomy metropol rock of Interpol and synth rock electro like New Order. Nordstrøm is also electro pop – in Danish, whereas Mani Spinx belongs in a musical crossover of country, 70’s funk, and singer/songwriter. And we can present the internationally favoured Pinboys who are ready for a round of hard-rocking pop punk, while Surfact is also hard rock, but with a penchant for catchy guitar rock.

Whyte Seeds – in the SPOT programme at Train

There is a significant Nordic touch to the Train programme where Sweden has a whole quartet of acts: Party rockers and indie poppers David & The Citizens will once again pay a visit to SPOT with their mixture of ska, boogie woogie, waltz, and more, and the duo Johnossi stand for melodic rock with explosive refrains performed sparsely with only vocals, guitars, and drums.
Hello Saferide is even smaller: A one-woman band consisting of singer and songwriter Annika Norlin who has found a good lie her english language pop landscape. Whyte Seeds have replaced their garage sound with neater arrangements – but keeping the vivacious gene intact.
Lastly, the programmes features Noora Noor, the first lady of Norwegian r&b – a position she has kept ever since her debut in 1999.

It is a collaboration between the booking agencies Skandinavian, dkbmotor, and the record company Iceberg, that is behind the programme at Train – in association with the SPOT Festival. As ROSA’s manager puts it:

– The festival has worked with these kinds of collaborations in different areas since SPOT 09 in 2003. The initiative at Train is an attempt to secure a wide range and to try out new approaches, so the festival does not get stuck in its selection procedure.