Worldwide license deal for Lise Westzynthius – out on One Little Indian

Worldwide license deal for Lise Westzynthius – out on One Little Indian

Don’t be surprised if in a couple of months you find Lise Westzynthius’s album “Rock, You Can Fly” in every decent record store in Europe you happen to walk into. On the 8th of March Playground Music and Auditorium announced that together with Westzynthius and her management Merger they have made a deal with the One Little Indian, which is first and foremost known as Björk’s main label.

It’s a so-called license deal covering actual release, promotion, etc. – and the deal is worldwide except for Scandinavia, Russia, Poland, and Greece, where Westzynthius has already been released.

One Little Indian is going to release “Rock, You Can Fly” in Europe some time this spring. Obviously, Lise Westzinthius anticipates a busy spring on the European roads when the album release is to be followed with gigs.

“The guys on One Little Indian follow their hearts when signing artists, and they are famous for their long-lasting collaboration with their artists, and they are absolutely thrilled about their latest signing. At the office everyone turned around and pricked his ears when someone put the record on, and that’s definitely not an everyday occurrence with this picky label! As if that wasn’t enough, the video for “Séance” blew the entire One Little Indian staff away. Lise Westzynthius’s artistic integrity and the profile of One Little Indian fit like a glove. It’s really promising”, Piet Breinholm Bendtsen from Merger says about the deal.

“Rock You Can Fly” was released in Denmark last spring. With the new deal and the busy schedule that is bound to follow, it looks like Westzynthius aficionados will have to wait quite a while for the follow-up.